Menthol Cigarettes

Love from the first inhalation.

Ban of Menthol Cigarettes could create an illegal market

Menthol Cigarettes are very popular because of their flavor. But nevertheless, they are cigarettes even representing a milder brand of cigarettes.

That is the reason why at the present time, the U.S. government examines this case in order to decide whether to ban menthol cigarettes. These cigarettes make up almost one-third of the U.S. market.

However, if this part of tobacco market (which is a legal market) is banned and does not exist any longer – then it means that a new illegal market may be created. And exactly this obviousness concerns the competent legal authorities.

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Menthol nicotine cartridge

Menthol Cigarettes are very famous but there is another additional alternative for them. This alternative means the use of Menthol nicotine cartridges for an electronic cigarette. These Menthol nicotine cartridges are regarded as one of the strongest cartridge flavors. Besides, this strong tasting is like of a real cigarette. When smoking it, one notices no difference between a real cigarette and an electronic one.

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Tobacco Industry Knows what young people Like the Most

Young people do not simply like a usual taste of cigarettes. It seems boring to them. They want to discover something new and intriguing. Menthol Cigarettes are just this case. Tobacco industry provides its customers with these cigarettes because they are in great demand.

Demand creates supply. This supply must be of a higher quality. Tobacco Industry is innovating and introducing new tastes of mint. The tastes vary and are suitable for any demanding smoker.

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Marketing strategy of Menthol Cigarettes

Every product needs to be highly appreciated. And that is why it is obliged to have some distinctive qualities, that would help it to be marketed. In this case, tobacco products and especially menthol Cigarettes are not an exception.

If we talk about menthol, contained in the cigarettes, we can say that it gives a sense of coolness during smoking. It also provides smokers with a very good and refreshing taste. The classic brands, on the contrary, give a burning taste when smoked. People tend to smoke more Menthol Cigarettes in order to extend the pleasure.

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Rolling your own tobacco flavor

A very curious smoker can make an experiment and taste different tobacco flavors, when rolling his own tobacco. There are many advantages of rolling tobacco.

There is a great variety of cigarettes versions and their flavors. Cigarettes have tastes of different strengths. That is why there are available light cigarettes, full flavored cigarettes, menthol cigarettes, flavored cigarettes. And one is able to try it on one’s own, having a loose leaf tobacco.

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Secondary manufacturing – making the cigarettes

How filters are manufactured

The cigarette filters are made from cellulose acetate. However, different filters depend on different levels of tar delivery.

Cigarette making

The next step is to turn tobacco into a continuous ‘cylinder’. One needs to wrap cigarette paper (with the brand name printed on it) around the tobacco and then cut the whole into lengths, thus making a cigarette rod. Continue Reading →

Joke about Menthol Cigarettes

One hears constantly many serious and positive things about this brand of cigarettes (the Menthol Cigarettes). But is there a joke, that would greatly amuse any smoker?

Surely, there exists one: someone asked a question, whether one can stop brushing teeth if one switches to Menthol Cigarettes.

The joke: Of course, it is known a little bit that the chemicals in menthol cigarettes can clean and brush your teeth. So yes, you can stop brushing your teeth as long as you are smoking these cigarettes. Continue Reading →

The mint in Menthol Cigarettes

Many smokers wonder whether the mint in Menthol Cigarettes is natural or synthetic. Or is it just a combination of both kinds of mint? The answer is clear: there can be added both kinds (natural and synthetic) or only one of them.

They (smokers) are interested in it because they think that it can influence the taste negatively. This is not the case!

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“It’s Got to be Kool!”

The well-known brand of Menthol Cigarettes, named Kool became number 1 in the USA during 1960 and 1970. Young people and Blacks were the dominant consumers of this brand. Thus, this brand was regarded as the brand for young generation, who wants to be young and free.

Ads of this brand illustrated young Black people, dressed nicely. They appealed to the rest of the population to buy Kool and join them. “It’s Got to be Kool!” – cried they. Because one could be cool and free only if he smoked these cigarettes.

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