For real connoisseurs, the Amphora Company has a special reserve – the aromatic tobacco of Amphora cigarettes, which will open for you all the charm and completely new impressions of smoking a first-class mixture. The finest Virginias are double fermented, the resulting strong, dark tobacco blended with Burley, Oriental and Kentucky to form a well-balanced tobacco blend with a slow burning and spicy, rich flavor. Amphora cigarettes have a Loose Cut and a mild, pleasant taste with natural sweetness, with hints of vanilla and caramel.

Amphora is the brand name for high-quality Amphora cigarettes. The tobacco of Amphora cigarettes is produced by the Danish company Mac Baren. It is famous for centuries-old traditions and high quality mixtures. The small factory in Svennborg does not only supply excellent pipe tobacco to over 70 countries, but also supplies it to other serious tobacco companies. Mac Baren products cannot be called cheap, but true connoisseurs are ready to pay for impeccable taste and the highest quality. An interesting fact is that before launching a new product, Mac Baren gives it to experienced smokers to taste and listens carefully to their opinion.

Amphora cigarettes are well known to connoisseurs for its indescribable aroma and variety of flavors. The blend is based on Virginia and Burley tobaccos, to which there are added carefully proportioned Oriental and Cavendish varieties. Original aromatic additives give gourmets moments of true pleasure. Another pleasure is to order Amphora cigarettes in our online store.

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