King Edward VII of England ascended the throne after the death of the great Queen Victoria, becoming the new successor to the British crown. One of the results of his predecessor’s rule was a complete ban on smoking throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. When the queen reposed, and the king fully entered into his new powers, he said: “Gentlemen, you can smoke.” This short but powerful phrase aroused the respect of his subjects for the new king, which led to the appearance of the King Edward cigarettes brand, forever bringing the name of the monarch into the history of the tobacco industry.

King Edward cigarettes are smoking sticks that contain a whole leaf of tobacco on the outside and cut tobacco on the inside. King Edward cigarettes taste closer to cigars, but contain more nicotine. But in appearance, they are more reminiscent of ordinary cigarettes, produced with a filter and packed in packs. King Edward cigarettes do not contain additives that keep cigarettes smoldering and therefore may be flavored. Today you can buy King Edward cigarettes throughout England. In our online shop, you will find the most advantageous offers of King Edward cigarettes.

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The Imperial Pack is a timeless classic version. Each cigarette has a rich tobacco aroma; Imperial Box – similar variety in a pack of 50; Filtered Mentol – Refreshing menthol cigarette, what could be better? Filtered Cherry – cherry flavor for connoisseurs of soft tobacco products.


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