Currently, many people are going to rest in Bulgaria because of its cheapness, so the dynamics of tourists is only going up. Cigarettes are also cheap there and you can purchase inexpensive cigarettes in Bulgaria if you are unable or would not like to buy cigarettes online at home.
After some time, the country may overtake some resort countries due to the fact that holidays in Bulgaria are cheap and good.

With the arrival of a large number of holidaymakers in Bulgaria, you can often meet people who smoke in the streets. The country itself is in the leading places among European countries in the number of cigarettes smoked. More than half of men and almost as many women in Bulgaria smoke. Also every third teenager aged 10 to 18 years is a smoker.
Upon arrival of tourists in Bulgaria, the number of smokers increases. In the country, as well as in other EU countries, it is forbidden to smoke in public places, educational and medical institutions, as well as in public transport, but this is in no way punished. That is, if a person smokes around the clinic, then there will be nothing for him. Recently, the Bulgarian government is going to impose heavy fines, which will be imposed on a smoker in the wrong place.
Cigarettes in Bulgaria, as in all EU countries, cigarettes of local origin will cost less than foreign ones.

One block of cigarettes contains 200 pcs. Or other tobacco products weighing no more than 250 grams to passengers over 16 years old can be imported into the country. So, you can cheaply order cigarettes of local origin in Bulgaria. This will be an alternative for you if you do not wish to buy cigarettes online. But pay attention that online prices will scarcely be much higher while you purchase cigarettes of renowned brands.

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