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Nowadays cigarettes have conquered almost every corner of the world and it is hard to imagine society without them. The luxury food provides many people with relaxation, a well-deserved break and a unique aroma that hardly has any competition. Before the first cigarettes were introduced, only snuff could be bought as a luxury item. By the way, you can also buy cheap cigarettes online when you visit us.

The history of the product – why you can buy cheap cigarettes today.
Many people assume that the first cigarettes were made by the Native Americans: These were quite simple tobacco blanks rolled in corn leaves, which Spanish colonists soon inspired to consume. It is believed that those cigarettes were brought to Europe in the 16th century and spread from England.

Over time, they even replaced the classic snuff that otherwise prevailed in many areas. The first factory cigarettes were made in France and Spain around 1850 and, unlike cigars, were popular with the working class because they were much cheaper to buy – wrapped in paper and mostly made up of tobacco scraps. Large tobacco companies were only really known after the First World War, before only smaller entrepreneurs went into business for themselves with the production of cigarettes. With the growth of online trade, cigarettes have also made it into online shops: As a specialized shop for smokers, you can buy cigarettes online Sydney with ease.
The nicotine content of today’s products to buy cheap cigarettes online.

Each individual cigarette contains between eight and about 20 mg of nicotine. This is an average of 12 mg nicotine per cigarette. Because the manufacturers keep bringing different cigarettes onto the market with various tobacco blends and thus different flavors and the selection is constantly growing, you can now get cigarettes with the nicotine content of your choice. This means that you can now buy those cigarettes online that have been tailored to your taste. Whether you prefer something milder, fresher or strong and aromatic: in our online tobacco shop you can buy cheap cigarettes your gourmet heart desires.