An alternative for everyone who wants to swear off conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

The Heets cigarettes from Philip Morris are heated by the tobacco instead of burning it and therefore offers a less polluting smoking experience and thus a good alternative to cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

A consumer inhales the steam. This is largely possible without the typical smell of smoke on clothing and hands. In addition, an ashtray is no longer required, because there is no combustion, so no ash is created. To use IQOS, the Heets cigarettes are required instead of the liquid in an e-cigarette. This is offered in different flavors.

The IQOS device is currently available in two different versions: the Starter Kit 2.4 and the Iqos 3. Both types are suitable for “vaping”, however the successor model 3.0 is more robust and technically better than the Iqos 2.4 kit.

How does IQOS work?

The user must ensure that the holder is sufficiently charged. Then the tobacco stick is simply inserted into the device and “steamed” by pressing the button. This process is known as heat control technology. This creates steam that can be inhaled by the smoker and contains a smaller amount of harmful substances.

Heating releases no harmful substances. Ash is not produced and only the tobacco sticks then have to be disposed of in normal household waste. However, the Heets cigarettes must be charged regularly to be able to use it. Cleaning is also necessary every now and then. In addition to the smell typical of cigarettes, there is also no yellowish discoloration of fingers, teeth and walls.

What is the difference between IQOS and an e-cigarette?

While an e-cigarette needs liquids, IQOS uses the Heets cigarettes. These are heated evenly and the taste experience remains constant. The e-cigarette also produces a lot of smoke, which can disturb passers-by and which is largely avoided at an IQOS. The IQOS device also does not fall under the smoking ban, since no tobacco is burned, and therefore use in a restaurant is permitted in most cases. However, it is advisable to ask the staff for their consent.

The smoker needs a holder that resembles a cigarette in its shape. In addition, the HEETS Tobacco Sticks are important, which contain the tobacco and must be replaced with each use. Also included in the purchase is a charger, the so-called Pocket Charger, which is also a kind of storage box. A special cleaning set is also included to clean the device at regular intervals.