You should buy menthol cigarettes with a hollow filter. We are opening up the menthol alternatives with the category of menthol cigarettes with integrated hollow filters. These are cigarettes with “normal” tobacco, but which have a special trick. They have a built-in hollow filter at the point where the filter is usually located. Flavored (menthol) filters can then be used there. buy menthol cigarettes in our online shop.

What are menthol filters?
Menthol filters are cigarette filters that have been soaked in a fresh menthol aroma. The menthol freshness is thus carried over to the smoke when you smoke – you get the typical menthol aroma. The menthol filters can be used for menthol cigarettes with an integrated hollow filter, but also for rolling and plugging tobacco cigarettes. Thus, every normal tobacco can be turned into a menthol tobacco.

A well-known example are the Energy Menthol Filter Tips, the OCB Menthol Filter Slim, the Gizeh Slim Filter Menthol or the Pine Point Menthol Filters, which you can buy online at low prices. We have tested this form of menthol alternative and are very enthusiastic about it. Buy menthol cigarettes here in our online shop!

Would you like to enjoy a change from the classic tobacco taste or are you longing for a fresher aroma that provides you with energy in everyday life? Would you like to only perceive a light tobacco taste during your work breaks and be spoiled by fresh aromas? Then our menthol cigarette selection is just right for you: Choose from minty flavors, which among other things also ensure fresher breath after enjoyment. The light aroma is not only more digestible, but also relaxes you better in between and is also very suitable for beginners.

Experience an all-round fresh feeling by buying menthol cigarettes in our online shop and opting for a lower nicotine content that will be good for you.

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