Pick a brand when buying discount cigarettes. Oftentimes, beginning smokers choose light or ultra-light cigarettes. This is recommended because the nicotine levels in light and ultra-light cigarettes are usually lower. Once you get the hang of how to smoke properly, try working your way up to regular cigarettes. Many claim that it gives you a better experience because of the stronger nicotine and fuller flavor. The only way to find out which brand you like best is to sample a selection. Experiment with it.

Some of the most popular and top-rated brands include Marlboro, Camel, Lucky Strike, and Pall Mall, among others. Get to remark on them when buying discount cigarettes.

Taste is subjective in a way. You may find that you don’t like the taste of Marlboro, but you enjoy the taste of camel. Therefore, you may have to experiment a little until you find a brand of cigarette that is truly a treat for you.

Consider menthol cigarettes. If you find the taste of regular cigarettes harsh, consider switching to menthol cigarettes when buying discount cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes contain an additive that creates a peppermint-like taste when inhaled. Most of the larger brands of cigarettes such as Camel and Marlboro are also available in the menthol variant.

If you don’t like peppermint-flavored foods and drinks, you probably don’t like menthol cigarettes either. They have a very strong peppermint taste.

Even if you have smoked regular cigarettes in the past, you may not like menthol cigarettes. Many people who have developed a preference for regular cigarettes do not like menthol cigarettes at all.

Smoke clove cigarettes. Cloves are a common spice used in cooking and baking. Cloves can be mixed with tobacco to make a flavored cigarette.
If you don’t like the taste of menthol or regular cigarettes, cloves can be a good middle ground. The flavor addition can make them taste harsher than a normal cigarette. However, it is much milder than that of a menthol cigarette.

Clove cigarettes can be very strong, so be careful when you smoke them. Since they can make you a little dizzy, smoking a clove cigarette while driving is not a good idea.