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Do not jam the “process” with mint chewing gum. Menthol mixes with the tobacco smoke and forms a smelly combination. Use sugar-free chewing gum. It is becoming an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and microbes, which are already abundant in smokers. Before an important meeting, you should change your clothes. Tobacco smoke envelopes a person, infiltrates material and even hair with skin.

The smokers are interested in how long the cigarette smell comes from the mouth. If smoking cigarettes is not common, it takes about two hours. So much does the body need to eliminate the effects of smoking. However, the “taste” will not disappear completely; the asthmatic and hypersensitive people will even feel it in one day. Nicotine and tar particles remain on the mucosa for up to 48 hours! If you stop touching the cigarettes for a certain amount of time, the food can kill the unpleasant “taste.” Before an important meeting or event, find out how to remove the smell of cigarette smoke and then use proven methods.

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