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The company obtains raw materials from state-of-the-art plantations in India, Turkey and the countries of South America. The ingredients are combined in balanced proportions. The leaves are matured in oak containers. After three months, the raw material is transported to dryers and brought to optimum moisture levels. The result of the tobacco extraction is the formation of a smoked, slightly spicy aroma in a smoky cigarette bow.

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What are Clan cigarettes?

Clan cigarettes are not bitter, they enjoy a pleasant sweetish aftertaste. The manufacturer’s decision not to use paper means that smokers do not experience a repulsive, burnt smell. The products are placed in metal-coated packaging. Sealed packs retain the original taste of tobacco and protect the raw materials from drying out. The cigarettes are equipped with innovative filters. The elements are carefully from the structure of smoke plant resins, dangerous carbon monoxide particles and a mass of combustion products. Despite the elite status, Clan cigarettes are distributed at a reasonable price. Therefore, the tasting of the company’s products is available to most interested smokers.