A typical, strong American blend tobacco is used for the production of West Red West cigarettes. A special blend of tobacco gives Red West cigarettes their spicy taste, which is also so popular on the international market. The price-performance ratio of West cigarettes leaves nothing to be desired in any way.

West cigarettes are legendary cigarettes from Germany, made in the best German traditions from high quality raw materials. Reemtsma started production of this series of tobacco products of West cigarettes in 1981, and they quickly won the love of consumers. They managed to achieve high demand thanks to bold and bright advertising campaigns. Of course, effective marketing is far from the only reason for the popularity of a product. The manufacturer was not afraid to experiment. So, it was for the production of West cigarettes that the tobacco mix, now known as American Blend, was created.

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The peculiarity of the latest series of West cigarettes is a unique filter, which is a two-section plastic structure. The first section contains a standard carbon filter. The smoke passes through it, mixes with the air and enters a second chamber with a Streamtec element that visually resembles a propeller. It disperses the smoke, due to which the taste of quality tobacco is better revealed.

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