The word cigarette (or cigarette) comes from the French and means something like “small cigar”. In terms of taste, however, a cigarette is far from a cigar. Cigarettes basically consist of specially cut tobacco and cigarette paper. Most cigarettes also have a filter, but there are also cigarettes without a filter. In our online shop, we offer the online tobacco sales Australia wide, enabling you to navigate through a plenty of different brands.

If you want to find online tobacco sales Australia wide, you have to select filtered or unfiltered cigarettes, cigarette items with or without additives. The classic filter cigarette is by far the most popular. The selection here knows almost no limit. Our web shop offers you a wide variety of cigarettes. Before we talk more about cigarettes, a tip in advance: If you don’t like the frightening photos on the cigarette packs, we can recommend our beautiful and high-quality cases (cigarette cases or cigarette boxes) – currently very popular again!

Cigarettes without additives. The term “without additives” is given to cigarettes if your tobacco was only treated with water after the harvest and no artificial flavors or humectants were added. This gives a cigarette with an unchanged tobacco taste. Conventional cigarettes contain additives both in the tobacco and in the filter tubes. Humectants are added to the tobacco to minimize the risk of the cigarettes drying out. The filter paper has usually been treated with bleach so that it gets its pure white color. In our web shop, you will find a large selection of cigarettes without additives. Brands such as Pueblo and Pepe are particularly popular. Organic cigarettes. Organic cigarettes go one step further. The difference between the cigarettes without additives and the organic cigarettes lies in the cultivation. Organic cigarettes are grown organically, which means that neither pesticides nor artificial fertilizers are used in their cultivation.

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