IQOS tobacco heating system is an innovative solution to the problems associated with cigarette smoking, such as tobacco ash, foul odor and high combustion temperatures. It has occupied a decent place in Australia tobacco market. Iqos devices gently heat tobacco using a special ceramic blade mounted inside the holder.

The users will not have difficulties when getting acquainted with Iqos cigarettes Australia, because the process of use is intuitive, and built-in LED indicators will help to understand various statuses. Thanks to them, you can learn both about the readiness of the device for use, and about the remaining charge level, in addition, Iqos is able to inform the user about problems that have arisen.

IQOS is less harmful than cigarettes.

This fact is confirmed by many studies. Of course, it is better not to smoke at all. But if the smoker is determined to continue, then doctors and scientists recommend switching to a less harmful alternative – IQOS.
Due to the fact that tobacco in IQOS is heated rather than burned, the user is protected from harmful combustion products – carbon monoxide and carcinogenic resins. When using IQOS, 90-95% less harmful substances is released compared to regular cigarettes.

Where can one buy Iqos cigarettes Australia?

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