The IQOS Heets Canada straightforward flow is explained by its properties.

IQOS is a remarkable part of the Philip Morris group. The IQOS e-cigarette is a strange end in the bit of electric cigarettes, instead of e-liquid is used in the device for the tobacco. The big one has a normal cigarette is the fitting in places of the branding.

The system works on the base of HEETS tobacco sticks, which have been heated in the device to a controlled temperature. By keeping the temperature relatively low, it doesn’t burn, but it does release vapors from the tobacco for a kind of smoking experience. This feature contributes to the IQOS Heets Canada straightforward flow.

The consumption of IQOS e-cigarettes is an alternative to the tobacco smoking and e-liquid vapors. Because there is no 0% nicotine version available, we can certainly not call it a responsible choice, the lack of consumables makes it less harmful than a cigarette. Before the rivets can stop smoking, and every other talks will not opt for vaping with e-liquids, the IQOS e-cigarette is an option. Guards can get rid of all rivets from a smoke addiction, that is the intention of this product, unlike other electric cigarettes.

IQOS is a better alternative to the cigarette. IQOS does not need a fire, it does not produce ashes and there is no smell of cigarette smoke.

The heart of the iQoS is the HeatSticks with which it is fed. These look like short cigarettes, complete with filters and come in 10 boxes of 6g tobacco. If you are used to buying a pack of cigarettes, 1 box a day you will not notice much difference with The HeatSticks, apart from being a bit cheaper. Handling one, it feels exactly like a cigarette – so much that you can just be tempted to stay in your mouth and light it. You don’t do this; it kind of lacks the point and they won’t burn properly anyway.

This process takes less than a minute and you don’t have to guess when it’s done. As soon as you press the button it turns on a green LED starts to flash; when the device is ready to go it stops blinking and stays on. After that, all you have to do is puff.