We wish to awaken the interest of berry smell admirers and tell them about our offers of IQOS Heets Purple sticks. IQOS Heets Purple variety covers the sticks that overspread berry aromas while being vaporized.

Namely vaporized because, as you know, the IQOS Heets work principle is based on tobacco vaporization instead of burning. Phil Morris (that is our abbreviation of the entire PMI company name) describes it as HNB or, fully said, heat-not-burn process. IQOS Heets Purple sticks are not any technical exceptional case and are distinguished by berry smells in the whole IQOS product range.

What can we else say to let you know more? We can advise you to buy IQOS Heets Purple sticks in online shops and ask you to firstly visit our shop.

What breakthrough advantages can be offered by us? We are first of all a skillful trader and deliver our items to any place in Australia. You can place us an order from the smallest remote town and then rapidly get it without facing any delay. Our forwarders will secure you the fastest order receipt.

Another advantage is our individual approach to each customer’s needs. Market surveys state that clients are not satisfied when calling and asking for advice, getting instead the answers like “visit our website, see our items and order what you want”. We do not find it polite and right. Such replies are not logical for detailed enquiries. It can at least mean that sales managers are not aware of the product ranges, which they have to promote. We are not similar to our competitors in this sense. We are interested in providing our clients with all the necessary data that they want to receive. You can ask us any question about the taste properties of IQOS Heets Purple sticks and we will immediately reply. We are happy to demonstrate our professional skills to our esteemed customers and consider their questions as a good challenge for our self-estimation. Phone us or send us an email and we will turn back with our clarifications. Let us be your true friends forever!