Since the creation of our online store, the same question has not ceased to arise from buyers: “Why is your IQOS Australia cigarette price cheaper than any others?” First of all, this applies to regions where there is both our retail network and an online store. We will try to explain this simple truth.

Firstly, the online showcase is not limited to trading space – place at least 100,000 products – no one forbids! Once we posted our IQOS Australia cigarette price lines with descriptions and photos and nothing needed to be done, we just had to update our posts. And this, by the way, is done by people who are paid salaries.

Secondly, no rent payments that can have an impact on the IQOS Australia cigarette price, you pay for hosting and sleep well, which is much cheaper than the cost per square meter in a shopping center.

The online store is open around the clock, at least at night you can choose a drill for yourself – no one bothers. And in the morning the manager will process your order and arrange delivery.

And finally, the ideal online store is one, in which a person consciously makes a choice only through the site from this and the savings are made. Therefore, we can set the minimum IQOS Australia cigarette price.

Our clients like to first come to see and then order via the Internet – it’s cheaper! But the future belongs to online stores, which is why we are developing this direction.

We think after this post, those who are interested in why the Internet is cheaper will be much less. Everything is quite simple. Isn’t it?

IQOS is a tobacco heating device. IQOS does not burn tobacco, as it happens in cigarettes, but heats it up to 250-300⁰С. At the same time, aerosol with tobacco flavor and nicotine content evaporates from the tobacco. Moreover, along with combustion, smoke, ash and smoke smell are eliminated from the process.

This creates a user experience that is familiar and familiar to the consumer of tobacco products in terms of sensation and ritual, but with the potential to reduce health risks.