Pall Mall cigarettes were introduced in 1899 by the Butler & Butler Company. Initially, they were marketed as premium cigarettes. The name of Pall Mall cigarettes comes from the name of a popular game of the 17th century, which used a ball and a spatula – palla and maleus.

In 1907, the Pall Mall brand was bought by American Tobacco. It was on these cigarettes that the new owners tested all the innovations in design and production technology, namely: the king-size size (currently the standard size for cigarettes is 85 mm), a new way of filling tobacco, which makes smoking cigarettes easier and more pleasant.

Exceeding the standard size of 85 millimeters, the Pall Mall manufacturers have won the hearts of all smokers who are not indifferent to everything that inspires delight with its grandeur and size.
In 1994, Pall Mall and Lucky Strike were acquired by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation as American Tobacco began to lose ground. Pall Mall cigarettes lagged far behind their competitors as they were still unfiltered cigarettes. Only in 1987 cigarettes were equipped with a filter and released to the market.

On July 30, 2004, Brown & Williamson and R. J. Reynolds Tobacco merged, at that time R. J. Reynolds Tobacco was going through hard times. The joint company is named R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The company continues to release non-filter cigarettes and the Pall Mall filter for the Australian market.

Pall Mall is currently one of the most famous brands of British American Tobacco, which is sold in 60 countries around the world.

In addition to size, Pall Mall manufacturers have tirelessly experimented with cigarette technology. As a result of these experiments, they managed to significantly change the taste of the brand. Cigarettes began to be distinguished by a very delicate mild taste, which allows this brand to be distinguished from others today.

The only thing that hasn’t changed since the brand was founded is the cigarette logo. The famous Pall Mall logo, its memorable art nouveau style – all this has become an integral part of the design of cigarette packaging. The pack depicts the coat of arms with two royal lions resting on a shield bearing the motto “Per aspera ad Astra” (Through thorns to the stars).