Parliament is a brand of cigarettes, which is promoted by the company Philip Morris. The brand was presented in 1931 and is particular for its recessed paper filters. It was initially utilized as a publicizing contrivance when cigarettes did not have filters. The principal business cigarette channels came into utilization in 1935.

The history of the cigarette brand of Parliament dates back to 1847, in London. It was then, tobacco merchant, Philip Morris, opened his first cigar store. In 1854, the businessman decided to move to a neighboring niche, starting the production of cigarettes. In those years he was one of the few manufacturers who were engaged in the manufacture of newfangled tobacco products.

Morris products have always been famous for the highest quality of tobacco, thanks to which its manufactory soon turned into an industry leader in its region.

In 1931, Philip Morris International launched a new brand of cigarettes, which was called “Parliament.” Unlike other companies, the new brand broke into the market with pathos – each cigarette was equipped with an elongated filter of solid paper, inside of which was a free space filled with air.

The tool repeated the principle of the cigar mouthpiece – allowed to settle most of the tar and products of combustion and cooled the smoke before it touches the lips of the smoker.

Original innovation, attention to detail and a powerful advertising campaign did their job – just a few months after the start of sales of cigarettes Parliament began their victorious procession around the world. Today, Philip Morris International products are the leading sales locations in Japan, Russia, Great Britain, Turkey, Argentina, and also in Israel.

To prepare a tobacco mix of cigarettes Parliament, use dark Turkish tobacco, as well as light varieties of Burley and Virginia, which set off the astringency and add a special flavor to the inhaling? Thanks to an especially filter-mouthpiece made of cotton fabric, the taste of “Parliament” is rather sharp, fresh, viscous, with a pronounced aftertaste.

Learn the famous brand can be on a solid white and blue packaging, but at different times the front of the pack decorated with portraits of celebrities. In particular, in the late 50’s it was possible to meet Parliament with Marilyn Monroe, and in the second half of the twentieth century they were decorated with a portrait of George Bush Sr.. This approach to marketing suggests that cigarettes are aimed at active, open and successful people who have already made an impression on others.