At the present minute, none will be flabbergasted getting menthol-tasted cigarettes, be that as it may, until 1956; the world did not consider a possible mix of tobacco with menthol.

They immediately made some furor among women in the United States, and from that point forward, around the whole globe. And all occurred in light of the way that it is the primary brand of menthol cigarettes with filters.

Salem was modified step by step. Regardless, these cigarettes are still absolutely held in their claim to fame, now and again testing by showing new types of these cigarettes in the market.

The specialists and pioneers of this sphere of menthol tobacco products built up the Salem brand, and it took place in 1956.

These cigarettes were produced at first just in the USA; be that as it may, the quick improvement in the pervasiveness made them obvious around the world. In 1957, the brand was seen as the first class thing around the globe.

Huge lines, pre-orders, record bargains, numerous imitators – all these are essential parts of the authentic foundation of the Salem mark, which significantly changed the tobacco business.

Long time after their appearance in the market, the brand stays surely understood and looked for after. The corporate blue-green-hued packs are particularly seen all through the world.

Today, Salem cigarettes are introduced as menthol cigarettes, which are focused on both men and women.

They are not light, yet rather the composition of nicotine and tar does not make them exorbitantly strong, so that tobacco cultivators recommend these cigarettes as a brand, which can be eaten up by both juveniles and experienced smokers.

These cigarettes have an exquisite menthol aroma, yet the taste observes the tobacco leaves created in North Carolina, they are sweet, tart.

Salem cigarette brand is asserted by one of Japan Tobacco International’s advertising patterns. It suggests that an incredible future is guaranteed to this brand.

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