Sobranie Menthol Cigarettes is a brand of cigarettes, that is manufactured by Gallaher group. This group is a major British based multinational tobacco company. Mainly, Gallaher distributes its production within the United Kingdom and Europe, with an insignificant part in Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Menthol CigarettesThis brand is considered to be a fashionable brand, especially Sobranie Cocktail and Sobranie Black Russian. The menthol version of this brand is also very popular and loved all over the world. Women are fond of these cigarettes because they think that exactly these cigarettes make them feel really womanly and increase their natural sexual appeal.

Their design is stylish, nicely colored package and pleasant calligraphy for the brand of these cigarettes.

The cigarettes are slim and long. But one should not think that they are very mild. They give smokers strong and rich flavor. Menthol, in its turn, makes the taste more smooth and soft.