There is a certain list of brands of cigarettes that offer quality products and pleasant aromas. Be sure to check with these manufacturers. Their brands of cigarettes have long been on sale in Australia.

KENT. A well-known brand that is used for the production of cigarettes with a button as well as the conventional tobacco products.

PARLAMENT. Today it is a very popular brand. Offers various models of cigarettes.

ROTHMANS Cigarettes in original design packaging. Supplied for sale with or without a built-in capsule. This is one of the variants of cigarettes that can have a built-in double button with flavoring.

BOND. Compact cigarettes. Differ in quality of production, have a variety of strengths and tastes. The packaging design is simple and concise.

Marlboro. The company specializes in the production of cigarettes of various strengths, with and without a capsule. They are considered popular and in demand among a large number of smokers. Each of individual brands of cigarettes has its own way of smoking.

But in order to enjoy the taste of the capsule to its fullest, it is necessary to crush it in the middle of the process, otherwise all the pleasant aroma will disappear and you will not have time to feel it.
Review of the top of the most delicious brands of cigarettes with a button You need to choose brands of cigarettes wisely. In this case, it is important to pay attention only to trusted brands.

Among all brands of cigarettes with a familiar name that have a built-in button, it is worth highlighting cheap, but quite decent options. We bring them to your attention.
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