To order cigarettes online, get to know more about these products in common. Even quite different brands are sorted by common features. When you read something about cigarette brands, try to get the main features from the description. So, read more before placing orders of cigarettes online.

What tobaccos are chosen for the production of cigarettes. About one hundred varieties of tobacco, but not all of them are used in industry. The most popular are “Virginia”, “Burley”, “Oriental”. The technology of their preparation and taste are various. “Virginia”. The widely used variety of stuffing. This is facilitated by its sweetish taste and relatively low resin content. It gained its popularity for its ease of cultivation and processing. Most often, “Virginia” is grown in sunny regions of moderate humidity; “Burley”. The exact opposite of the previous variety is that it is strong, rich, but not very sweet. It is grown in the United States, Mexico, Central America; “Oriental”. Oriental variety, which requires increased labor costs during cultivation. This is due to the fact that this tobacco must be dried in the sun. But it is featured by increased fragrantness. By mixing tobacco sorts in different ratios, it is possible to obtain the very unique taste characteristic of certain cigarette products.

The stuffing. Favorite and familiar cigarette items consist of two components: the extrusion where the tobacco is located, as well as the filter. The cigarette extrusion contains a tobacco blend (several types of tobacco mixed in a certain proportion) wrapped in cigarette paper. The tobacco brand logo is usually applied to the paper.

Cigarette filters consist of a filter material (usually organic fibers), as well as white or brown wrapping paper. When a smoker lights cigarettes, the blend begins to burn – in the smoke that is inhaled, there are nicotine, tar, and other components. The filter retains a certain amount of tar and makes smoking safe to health. Our company promotes cigarettes online countrywide with targeting toward different smokers. We promote cigarettes efficiently and with a high warranty. Our goal is to completely satisfy our customers and make them happy!