555 cigarettes brand are produced by British American Tobacco since 1895 and are manufactured till the present day. Since the very beginning of their appearance in the market, these cigarettes have gained immense popularity in Asian countries, especially in China.

The brand is produced only in Europe. In the European market there are only original cigarettes, they are offered in two types: State Express 555 Classic and State Express 555 Lights. In the first variant, the tar content reaches 12 mg, and nicotine 1.2 mg, which makes these tobacco products one of the strongest in many countries.

In some countries, for example, Vietnam, the brand is the most popular and is on the first place in sales. The products are known all over the world, as these imported cigarettes combine unique tobaccos and additives of mixtures that give a pleasant and strong taste.

Smoking is smooth, each puff is clearly felt, and the aftertaste is pleasant. All this is a wonderful combination for cigarettes intended for real men.

Studies in Europe and Asia have shown that most middle-class smokers prefer precisely this type of cigarettes. And the popularity of the brand continues to grow, despite the ban on the promotion of tobacco products in many countries around the world. The fact is, the producer prefers not direct advertising, but special promotions.

For example, the brand’s logo was placed on Subaru’s racing cars for a long time, which made it possible to make the brand recognizable. The popularity of cigarettes is also increased by packaging, made according to the signs of the zodiac. We also draw the attention of smokers to the guaranteed high quality and reasonable price.

Do you like the original, invaluable, excellent aromas of tobacco? Tired of looking for a store that matches your spirit with quality cigarettes? We bring to your attention original European cigarettes 555 Gold, in which you will certainly note the unique, rich flavor of tobacco.

Stylish, attractive, but at the same time solid packaging immediately attracts attention. A tight filter reliably protects your lungs from the negative effects of harmful substances that are formed when smoking cigarettes.

Memorable, original taste will be appreciated by true connoisseurs and lovers of quality tobacco products. With cigarettes of this English brand you will definitely be in the spotlight, and also feel comfortable under any circumstances. Brand 555 is created for self-confident people!