r1_slims_en_nbR1 cigarettes were propelled in 1984 in Germany. These days, R1’s taste has vanquished a solid position in most European nations including Germany, Poland Greece, Russia and the Ukraine. The cutting edge Slim Line variation is section pioneer in Greece and extremely famous in Eastern Europe.

Rebate costs out of the opposition are accessible for: R1 Blue (Lights Flavor) and Red King Size cigarettes. Different flavors that are viewed as an intense item to obtain are: R1 Ultra/ultra thins and Minima Slim Line Fresh Cigarettes.

R1 cigarettes are one of the best “light cigarettes” of any online store offers. In spite of the fact that this brand is marketed fundamentally towards female smokers, the cigarettes fixings utilized as a part of its creation are very valued by all smokers who incline toward mellow taste and delicate smell.

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We ensure the great tobacco material utilized as a part of the way toward assembling and the satisfactory levels of tar and nicotine. Our assortments of R1 cigarettes are exhibited by R1 Red, R1 Blue, R1 Gold Slim Line, R1 Slim Line Ultra and R1 Slim Line Minima.

The strength of cigarettes R1 – a successful combination of different varieties of tobacco in the classic American mixture, which is used as filler. In the production process, high-quality, frozen-out tobacco of Oriental, Virginia and Burley varieties is used. Accents are placed in such a way as to achieve a minimum content of tar and nicotine in tobacco products.

Most of the manufacturer’s series contain not more than 1 mg of resin and only 0.1 mg of dangerous nicotine in each cigarette!

A distinctive feature of the brand is the ease with which a cigarette smokes. Fine delicate cigarettes allow you to make deep lingering to feel the piquancy of the flavors. The saturated taste is surprisingly well combined with soft, light diffuse smoke. The cigarette format is aimed at smokers who care about health.

Despite the fact that the brand is positioned as a female brand, it is in demand among men who want to quit smoking.

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