Menthol Cigarettes are very popular because of their flavor. But nevertheless, they are cigarettes even representing a milder brand of cigarettes.

That is the reason why at the present time, the U.S. government examines this case in order to decide whether to ban menthol cigarettes. These cigarettes make up almost one-third of the U.S. market.

However, if this part of tobacco market (which is a legal market) is banned and does not exist any longer – then it means that a new illegal market may be created. And exactly this obviousness concerns the competent legal authorities.

CigarettesNevertheless, it is not a surprise that there may be such an outcome. Ban of cigarettes can lead to another not a very secure and legal flow of tobacco goods. People will not care about the fact how their preferred and liked cigarettes get into their homes. The main thing for them is to buy the cigarettes and especially Menthol Cigarettes as soon as possible. Speculators will flood the black market.

What are the real negative consequences of such a market? One should not even get round to historic facts because there are many examples, describing this terrible picture of tobacco market.

Therefore, government officials should realize the possible risk, that can be caused very quickly. As there will be affected not only the very tobacco market but the livings of the population in particular.