Menthol Cigarettes are very famous but there is another additional alternative for them. This alternative means the use of Menthol nicotine cartridges for an electronic cigarette. These Menthol nicotine cartridges are regarded as one of the strongest cartridge flavors. Besides, this strong tasting is like of a real cigarette. When smoking it, one notices no difference between a real cigarette and an electronic one.

If a smoker wants to taste another flavor but he was previously smoking the menthol one, then he will definitely feel menthol even using another cartridge. It happens due to the fact that menthol nicotine solution was left in the atomizer. It is not bad at all, is it?

CigarettesWe can also add that the menthol nicotine cartridge provide the smoker with a very intensive taste, which will not be completely gone very quickly. Other nicotine cartridge flavors are not so resistant.

But what shall a smoker do if he still wants to switch to another taste without feeling the latter one? Firstly, it depends on the electronic cigarette you smoke or to say more exactly, on its style. There must be a possible way to clean the atomizer of the cigarette out of the menthol nicotine solution.

There is another reasonable suggestion: buy another electronic cigarette, which will be specially used for menthol cartridges and no other ones. Or purchase a separate atomizer and fix it when it is convenient for you. This replacement of atomizer is fairly economical.

The main thing is to get satisfaction and change the preferred cartridges, when one just wishes!