Young people do not simply like a usual taste of cigarettes. It seems boring to them. They want to discover something new and intriguing. Menthol Cigarettes are just this case. Tobacco industry provides its customers with these cigarettes because they are in great demand.

Demand creates supply. This supply must be of a higher quality. Tobacco Industry is innovating and introducing new tastes of mint. The tastes vary and are suitable for any demanding smoker.

CigarettesBut when young people start to smoke for the first time, the cigarettes, chosen by them, should not be harsh and intensive. This harshness can scare the beginners and result in a negative reaction to the very process of smoking. That is why the “first” taste must be mild and aromatic.

Menthol is just the needed thing to start with! It is pleasant and appealing. Only when young smokers get used to this taste – they can start choosing between stronger hits of menthol in order to ease the burning shock to the throat.