Are you interested in cigarettes that have not lost their identity and uniqueness, and have remained true to their nature?

If the camel could speak, then we would know his attitude towards tobacco. But he hears more and more and is silent, looking at us, for more than a hundred years from a pack of Camel cigarettes. The legendary and unique Camel cigarettes are a combination of quality and brand, together with a light character, which the founder himself endowed them with.

Camel is a brand with centuries of history and legendary looks. Few brands of cigarette manufacturers have been able to maintain their original appearance. Many, under the influence of fashion and progress, have become unrecognizably different. Pleasant and touching loyalty to yourself and your fans makes Camel cigarettes a unique and subtle connection with past generations.

For a long time, Camels were made in the classic format, with and without a filter, in maximum strength. Now several more types have appeared in the product line with tar content from 1 to 10 mg, and nicotine content from 0.1 to 0.9 mg. From now on, lovers of the famous Camel brand of cigarettes could make the best choice for themselves – Camel ONE with amazing lightness of taste or traditional delicious Camel, as it has been for so many years.

What are Camel cigarettes?

Camel is a brand of R.J. – Reynolds Tobacco Co. Richard Joshua Reynolds founded his tobacco company in Winston, Northern California in 1875. In 1907, he launched pipe tobacco under the brand name Prince Albert. Shortly thereafter, Reynolds decided it was time to create a brand of cigarettes, for which he came up with the name Camel. At that time, exotic names were fashionable. The developed name carried an aura of oriental mystery and was the best suited for cigarettes made from Turkish tobacco. The audience was intrigued by a series of strange slogans “Camels”, “Camels are coming”, which were complemented by no less strange drawings made from photographs of the towns of Old Joe, Barnum and a one-humped camel from the Bailey Circus. Palm trees, has become a classic image of Camel cigarettes.