Pall Mall cigarettes are not just cigarettes familiar to us almost from childhood, and Pall Mall were the first cigarettes in tin boxes. This particular point of theirs amazed many smokers and then they appeared globally in all their variations.

In this modern age, Pall Mall Red is the obvious choice for those who follow the trends in the world of smoking and buy quality tobacco and original taste. Pall Mall cigarettes are a prime example of this search. These cigarettes contain blends of premium tobacco. And this, as you know, is already a guarantee of deep taste. The aroma is spicy but pleasant for the smoker.

The online store offers tobacco lovers these products from a world-famous company. Fast delivery will allow you to enjoy the aroma of your favorite cigarettes for a long time. Each pack is made of a fairly hard material, so the packaging retains its shape for a long time, even when in a bag or in a car. And there is another important point in online shopping. This is anonymity. You may be a closet smoker and don’t want to share your choice of cigarettes with anyone. When shopping at stationary retail outlets, you need to be prepared for the fact that both cashiers and other people standing in line can look at your basket. This can cause discomfort, especially if you are purchasing intimate products, etc. In the online store, purchases are made anonymously, so no one can judge your choice.

What are Pall Mall cigarettes?

If you are interested in good quality tobacco products, released by Butler & Butler’s, Pall Mall meets all expectations and requirements. In 1899, this brand was introduced to the public by the now little-known company Butler & Butler. But the fact that it was supposed to supply elite cigarettes for bohemia is interesting, so they decided to come up with an appropriate name. This brand borrowed its name from London’s Pall Mall, where the most financially strong standing gentlemen gathered, where they gambled. The brand was designed for everything that means status, aristocracy. And the brand developers did not fail, their plan was a success.