Camel cigarettes are such a brand, at the mention of which, nothing needs to be added. Everything is said so clearly, and in one word. This brand became famous a long time ago, in 1913. The main face of the brand was a camel, which in the advertising company was called Camel Joe. The design of Camel cigarettes has always had references to the East, in the design there were and are various pyramids, palm trees, and, of course, a camel. It was a kind of attribute of that time.

The cigarette is made in KingSize format. The filter here is the usual, acetate. Previously, it was made under the “cork”, but now the design has been changed, and instead of the “cork dots” there are chaotic lines, the Camel inscription in a retro format and camels, well, like on a compact Camel, only here the filter is orange. The non-smoking headband features the brand’s name and a camel. There is one perforation ring on the filter.

Tobacco quality: A very sauced, but very pleasant smell of some flowers, honey is emitted from the pack. The cigarette itself smells of sweet sauces.

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What are Camel cigarettes?

Camel is one of the oldest cigarette brands in the world. It seems to be Camel – in general, the first cigarettes in the format we are used to (without a filter). They have been produced since 1913. The founder of the brand is Richard Joshua Reynolds, who launched the production of cigarettes this year. The characteristic taste of Camel was created with the help of dark Turkish tobaccos, there were orientals, virginia, burley. This bag later became known as American Blend, which is corrected by various tobacco manufacturers to this day. Cigarettes found their buyer, but in the middle of the 20th century they had to seriously compete with the Marlboro brand, which became the most popular in the world. By choosing this brand, we choose stability, a well-known unit of smoking and prosperity. Because these cigarettes always mean the high status of a smoker and a certain conservatism and classics.