Captain Black cigarettes first appeared in 1939. The Scandinavian Tobacco Group then produced tobacco under this name. And they started making cigars in 1973. In 1996, they began to produce the cigarillos we are used to. Not only Capitan Black, but also Marco Polo and others.
In total, Capitan Black has several types: Cherry (Cherry); Chocolate (Dark Crema); Cream (White Crema); Classic (Classic); Grapes (Grape). The pack is the same on the front and on the back, except for the designation of information about the importer on the back. It is made in beige colors, in accordance with the taste of cigarillos. In the foreground is the name of the brand and the ship – the characteristic silhouette of this brand.

We advise you to smoke them slowly with a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite strong drink. And you can buy these cigarettes online. Buying Captain Black cigarettes has several significant advantages: Fast delivery. High quality of all provided products. Affordable cost. Due to this, you can immediately buy the required amount of tobacco products for a long time, while saving money. The range is constantly expanding on the site; the quality of service is improving.

What are Captain Black cigarettes?

So, this is a trademark (smoking and pipe tobacco. It is. The product is made in the King Size 100 format. Cigar paper is made from compressed tobacco chips (this is not dyed paper, as the relief of tobacco is visible on it) “The filter is ordinary acetate, but very dense. It is impregnated with a sweet composition. It has one perforation ring, the name and logo of the brand. They burn for a very long time (as for cigarettes) – about 10 minutes. That is, if an ordinary cigarette burns at best 5 minutes, here it is twice as long. Moreover, it burns out evenly, the ashes are very dense, when smoking it does not crumble into small flakes, when you shake it off, it falls in a single fragment, and does not scatter. The smoke is very soft, does not irritate anything. It also passes soft, without any bumps and lumps. The smell from them is pleasant; there is a slight aroma of normal tobacco. Aromatization in the smell is not particularly felt.