Any smoker, as a professional, is formed throughout his life. His needs always come first, his freedom in smoking style is an incentive to seek and try. And cigarette brands help him in this, conditioning his aspirations.

Parliament cigarettes can rightly be considered the perfection of cigarette production. It is this brand that dictates status and fashion trends. This brand is dominated by a minimalist design that is recognizable by any smoker. The white design of the pack and the iridescent Parliament logo and inscription leave all competitors behind. The basis of cigarettes has always been the taste and the filter. The air filter is an unchanging tradition of the brand.

When did this brand appear? Parliament appeared in 1931 in New York, on Fifth Avenue. It was Parliament cigarettes that released cigarettes with an innovative filter mouthpiece and air chamber – Original Recessed Filter. These components help to cool the smoke while smoking. And they are still part of cigarettes. From a historical point of view, this brand is popular as a premium brand; it belongs to the most expensive niche in the market. This is due both to the impeccable quality and to the marketing line, which helped to define the brand’s image and status. The hallmark of the brand is quality, attention to detail and its improvements in step with the times.

For female smokers, this brand introduced a line with the Slims format. Slims contributed the “Flora” design, symbolizing the flower. Feature The brand regularly releases versions that emphasize the style and feature of the product.

What are Parliament cigarettes?

This brand was first elaborated in 1931 by Philip Morris. Parliament is truly considered to be one of the brands to offer cigarettes with filter and it happened before the anti-tobacco campaign start. The first Parliament filters were made of paper and were offered exclusively as a convenient addition that eliminated the need for a mouthpiece. To this day, these cigarettes delight even the most experienced smokers with their consistency in taste and affordability. And how can you not rejoice when your favorite brand is always on sale?! This suggests that it is in demand and loved, and its manufacturers are always working to improve it.