The world of smoking is a magical world. It fascinates and enriches us smokers with its quirkiness and quality of tobacco products. We live and develop, study, smoke and comprehend this science of smoking. We explore and try new brands, and we realize that we have found our individuality. R1 cigarettes reveal this veil of mystery and plunge us into an ocean of smoke.

Live and learn! It’s a smoker’s slogan! This is the only way we can say with confidence that we have realized a lot in smoking and are proud of it!

R1 cigarettes are one of the finest representatives of the modern type of tobacco products. This brand was created by specialists from the German Company – Reemtsma International. They went on sale in their home country in 1984, and this marked the beginning of their splendor. More than three decades have passed since then, and we can buy these cigarettes online and in almost any country in the world. Doesn’t this mean that the brand is loved by most smokers?! It is eexactly so!
One can note that there are utilized only high-quality varieties of tobacco for the production of these tobacco products. This explains their incredible taste. Moreover, R1 cigarettes do not contain harmful substances, and if they do, there are so few of them compared to other brands, and this does not harm smoking and health. On sale you can find different types of this brand.

What are R1 cigarettes?

R1 cigarettes are light cigarettes that actually boast high quality. Indeed, this brand is the most demanded globally when it comes to cigarettes that practically include nicotine. At the same time, you get an incomparable pleasure from the rich and light taste of quality tobacco. We don’t even mention the enticing scent of the leaves. You can order these cigarettes online at the most affordable prices, acceptable to all shoppers. And this is because a respectable online store is doing everything possible to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to get highest pleasure. You receive the goods quickly and conveniently. No complications when ordering, dissatisfaction and reasons to refuse.