What stimulates smokers when they decide they need to try something fresh and new at a certain moment? This is a craving for adventure and new taste experiments. Life does not stand still; some brands are replaced by others. You have to have time, try and enjoy the new notes of tobacco! Isn’t this happiness and success for a smoker?! This is what every smoker does. This is paramount and understandable.

Richmond cigarettes: this brand is so well known to us, was created in 2008 by the Richmond Tobacco Company. In the tobacco bag of cigarettes, only Golden Virginia and Burly tobaccos are used. And in combination with cherry and coffee flavors, these cigarettes get a unique smoking experience. Perhaps, among all tobacco products there are few such brands.

Brand products are made with the help of the mix of many varieties of tobacco. There are purchased raw materials from plantations located in India, Turkey and South America. The components will be balanced accordingly. Brand products have no bitterness, but on the contrary, delight with a sweet aftertaste. It’s nice while smoking.

The richness of flavors in the product lines, as well as the attention to detail, indicate the richness of the Richmond brand. This feature keeps it at the forefront of the market. As a result, the company’s cigarettes constantly receive positive feedback from true connoisseurs of smoking and quality.

What are Richmond cigarettes?

Richmond сigarettes are exclusive cigarettes. The brand’s products are oriented on fans of elite tobacco. The company’s products are demanded by gourmets due to their taste, a variety of authentic flavors, and the first class quality of raw materials. Despite its specific status, branded product is at a sensitive price. That is the reason, the choice of the company’s products is known to many interested smokers. These cigarettes can be ordered online and received in a very short time. It is so convenient and fast that many smokers do not even think about buying this brand offline. It is the modern era of quick decisions and online purchases. If you already smoke these cigarettes, then you have come to the right choice.