Classic tastes are dominant among numerous smokers from different countries of the world. No new tastes and aromas can replace traditional scents, which are considered by numerous smokers as their own flesh and blood. As a step toward an evident tendency, cigarette manufacturers cause classic cheap cigarettes online promotions. The manufacturers of high-quality tobacco products “Richmond” did not disregard lovers of the classics and chic. In this segment you can find cigarettes of both the middle class and elite versions:

Richmond Clan. These cigarettes are made according to an old Scottish recipe. Raw materials for these cigarettes are collected only by hand, dried and subjected to easy smoking over the fire. For the fire takes noble wood and fragrant herbal fees. After this procedure, the tobacco mixture is kept under certain conditions for at least 90 days. This method of manufacture gives Richmond Klan cigarettes a surprisingly complex and at the same time delectable taste, including tart notes of oak and fruit shades. These cigarettes are positioned as an option for the most sophisticated smokers.

Richmond Collectors Edition cigarettes are rare elite varieties of tobacco placed within a brown shell and inserted into black packs. Unsurpassed taste and aroma under reliable protection. Richmond Empire Edition is a unique member of the Richmond family. The casing of cigarettes is made of hemp fibers, it contains unique tobacco blends. For better preservation of structure and taste, Empire Editions are packaged in tin. Richmond Premium 4 is a light classic with an exquisite taste of high-quality “Golden Virginia” tobacco. Richmond Superslim Air4. These cigarettes combine lightness and tradition. Raw materials are used for their production, which is dried according to the old technology. The manufacturer gave them a brief description: harmonious and elegant.

So, we can summarize that traditional cigarettes are complex, full-taste, harmonious and elegant. No doubt that they are loved for these characteristics and manufacturers cause classic cheap cigarettes online promotions for the admirers of traditional cigarette scents. The classic cheap cigarettes online promotions permanently occur to remarket traditional tastes and secure the admirers that their cigarette preferences will never be disregarded.