A classic cigarette is a tube made of special paper with raw tobacco inside. Every year this market is being improved more and more. Today you can buy cigarettes UK wide that best suit your needs. They can be of different thicknesses and lengths, with or without a filter, flavored (with different tastes and smells) and without additives.

Cigarettes rise in price several times a year. And this forces heavy smokers to look for either cheaper alternatives to familiar brands, or more budgetary ways to purchase their favorite cigarettes UK wide. One of these ways is to purchase cigarettes in bulk from an online store.

The wholesale purchase of these cigarettes UK wide has many advantages over the retail purchase, for example: lower price; the ability to immediately order a large batch of tobacco products for personal consumption or sale; fast delivery of ordered tobacco products.

The main parameter by which cigarettes of a certain brand are classified is the strength of the raw material. If we talk about Bond cigarettes, then the following options can be distinguished: Bond Red – classic format, tart taste, high strength. Special Blue – standard nicotine content, astringency and slightly bitter taste. Bond Slims – small thickness, standard strength, women-oriented. Bond Blue is a standard diameter, medium strength, modern filter.

Cigarettes differ in strength, which is determined by the content of nicotine and tar: Lights: up to 0.8 mg / cig. These products often contain aromatic additives that provide a delicate flavor. Medium-strong: about 1 mg / cig. This is the golden mean in terms of tar and nicotine content. They have a not too strong, but pronounced effect. Strong: on average up to 1.3 mg / cig. These figures are high, so these cigarettes are chosen by experienced smokers. They are quickly addictive. When smoking them, the body is saturated with nicotine from the first puff.

When choosing cigarettes UK wide, you should pay attention to the color of the package. So, for light products it is white, for medium-strong – blue, for strong – red.