Menthol Cigarettes

Nowadays, cigarettes bring joy and happiness into smoker’s life. There are more than millions devoted cigarettes fans worldwide. Although, this phenomenon (the cigarettes) has existed for many, many years, it got its popularity only in the 20th century. Thus, this century can be characterized as the era of tobacco industry boom.

However, it is a well-known fact that smokers like to smoke different brands of cigarettes. There are differentiated several types of cigarettes. They are:

1. Non-Menthol Cigarettes

These cigarettes are regular cigarettes, which are the most common type of cigarette. The flavor of these cigarettes points out at the strength. There are full, light, and ultra light varieties of non-menthol cigarettes. Non – Menthol Cigarettes have a filter, which reduces the harmful byproducts, produced during the process of cigarettes burning (smoke, tar, and fine particles). So, the task of the filter is not to let them to be inhaled.

2. Menthol Cigarettes

There is a difference between a non-menthol cigarette and a menthol one. A menthol cigarette has a flavor, which includes menthol as an additional substance. As a result of it, the flavor is totally different and pleasant. Many young people prefer these cigarettes because they turn to be milder than the classic ones.

3. Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes replace the combustible ones. In other words, one should not light the cigarette for smoking. The cigarette is equipped with a battery-powered device, and when needed it vaporizes inhaled doses of nicotine. The feeling is similar to cigarette smoke but the real combustion or smoke is absent. As a result, negative byproducts are not produced and do not do any harm to the smoker’s body.

The statistic data have shown that the younger generation tend to smoke Menthol Cigarettes because of their extraordinary taste.