Nowadays, there are imposed many bans on the cigarettes. Of course, many cigarettes manufacturers try to defend and guard their produced tobacco products from these bans. As Menthol Cigarettes are so loved and popular, bans have a direct connection to them.

However, Cigarette maker Lorillard has already launched a campaign in order to defend menthol cigarettes from being banned. The representatives of this Tobacco Company consider the ban to be totally unfair towards the Menthol Cigarettes. It is also totally unfair to the smokers of this brand.

CigarettesMenthol was used for decades in the cigarettes manufacturing and it was never considered as a problem. There has come time to take appropriate measures. As a result, the nation’s third-largest cigarette company, producing such menthol brands as Newport and Kent cigarettes, which are considered to be the top-selling ones, has launched a website called “Understanding Menthol.”

The main aim is to show company’s position, its opinion concerning the ban, and consequences, which may follow right after the ban comes into force.

Lorilland sent even letters to more than a half-million smokers of Newport cigarettes brand. These letters demonstrated the claims of FDA that Menthol Cigarettes influence greatly the population. Moreover, children and certain ethnic groups are especially targeted. “Menthol means a prosperous area for growth for tobacco companies in a shrinking cigarette market”.

Thus, Lorilland wanted to show its customers concern about the situation. Nevertheless, the company regards it as a calling to get together and support each other.

Lorilland agrees that smoking, generally, causes health hazards. But Menthol Cigarettes do not cause any extra problems, concerning human health. On the contrary, it brings joy of smoking and not a simple but an extended one. Furthermore, a good sum of money is saved!