Menthol Cigarettes are in assortment of every self-respecting major cigarette manufacturer all over the world. As Menthol Cigarettes are in a great demand, there were manufactured new varieties of these cigarettes. Very soon it was observed that the menthol brands dominated on the tobacco market and even left classic cigarettes behind.

CigarettesBut what actually draws smokers to this brand of cigarettes? What is there so special about them?

Firstly, it is very simple to switch to these cigarettes. Because sometimes  smokers complain of coughing or sore throat when starting to smoke harsher cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes will not cause any similar problems. On the contrary, they will relieve from unpleasant feelings in the throat.

Secondly, smokers get surprised when they feel this amazing menthol taste for the first time. Even if one constantly hears about this taste – it means nothing until one feels it. As a result, smokers breath in  small, shorter puffs because they really enjoy the cold feel that each inhaling brings.

Thirdly, cheaper price attracts smokers. It concerns not only lay people but also prosperous ones, who would like to save a good sum of money. But these cost savings should not influence the quality of the preferred cigarettes.

It is up to a smoker, when he wants to start smoking the mentholated cigarettes. The main thing, one has to decide what brand of these cigarettes is more preferred. The smoker may be surprised as there are many variations of the mentholated cigarettes. But whatever his choice is, he will never regret it.