How useful is menthol in our lives? What do we know about it?

Menthol is a herbal remedy. It is used in order to fight many diseases, including infections on skin and burns, eating disorders, migraines and etc.

This remedy is not a new one for people as it has been used for few thousand years. The ancient Greek  and Egyptian healers applied this plant. At those times, it was believed that mint provided people with lucidity of mind and could rouse the passions.

CigarettesNowadays, the mint plant does not offer only medicinal qualities but is also added to many sweets,  even to mouthwash, cigarettes (well-known Menthol Cigarettes) and favorite dishes as well.

There are menthol’s medicinal qualities anyone should know and keep in mind:

1. In tea, it helps to cleanse the liver and reduces the occurrence of stones in kidneys

2. Menthol is a very good cleansing refresher. Acne will disappear very soon after its use

3.People can massage menthol on the scalp and thus will reduce dandruff

4. It calms down

5. It relieves sore throats

6. It cures herpes and other viruses

7. it is added to topical analgesics in order to relieve headaches, migraines and other localized pains

8. For the treatment of sunburns and other burns to the skin

9. It gives freshness to one’s breath

10. It helps to air travelers to overcome the symptoms of travel sickness

The most important thing for everyone is to use it right.