Thirst for life is the slogan and philosophy of the premium brand Davidoff. This brand embodies everything that is interesting to absolutely every person – a traveler in search of adventure, a dreamer, a romantic and an explorer. After all, each of them wants a wonderful life, and to smoke first-class cigarettes. And Davidoff cigarettes become a real find for them. Smoking this brand of cigarettes reveals life to them in all its manifestations.

In our modern world, Davidoff is a real ecosystem, in which the values and pleasures of the modern smoker are intertwined: cigarettes and other tobacco products, jewelry and much more.

The company focuses on producing premium cigarettes, which include high quality tobacco leaves and are further enriched with various flavor and aroma qualities. Davidoff cigarettes is a prominent representative of the line – this is a variation with a strong taste. Cigarettes are packaged in blocks of 200 pieces. Each cigarette consists of 1 mg of nicotine and 10 mg of tar.

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What are Davidoff cigarettes?

Davidoff cigarettes owe their appearance and triumph to the patriarch of the brand, Zino Davidoff. This man was truly an outstanding personality, a brilliant thinker, philosopher, and traveler at the same time the best entrepreneur of that time. Davidoff cigarettes embody the essence of the brand and are preferred by smokers from the upper classes, as their prices are quite high. Cigarettes include exclusively high-quality tobacco. Their aroma is deep, and their taste reveals the whole essence of tobacco. It is not surprising that in 2008 at the Tobacco Plus Expo Show these cigarettes received an award in the category – Best Packaging Design.