Nowadays smokers do not only want to smoke, but also to look fashionable. Cigarettes are not just tobacco products, but also tools of self-expression. And in this case cigarettes should be elegant and luxurious. And just there are Dunhill cigarettes, which are able to express the special status of the smoker. It is not only about clothes and social status of the consumer, but also about what kind of cigarettes he uses every day.

The use of certain accessories indicates the financial independence of the individual. Fans of brands buy only exclusive. And such are Dunhill cigarettes.

Dunhill cigarettes have always been in special demand. Customers bought mainly two variants of the line: King size and International. They are produced from Virginia tobacco, here the tobacco mixture is original both in the sense of additives and flavorings.

But it is worth noting that whatever variations you try, all of them are famous for their deep and rich flavor.

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What are Dunhill cigarettes?

The mastermind behind the famous global brand Alfred Dunhill was born on September 30, 1872 in London. His father, Henry Dunhill, a skilled entrepreneur, was the owner of a saddlery in the English capital. He was engaged in the manufacture of everything necessary for the main transportation of the time – horses. But his son went even further – and began to produce cigarettes. The distinctive feature of Dunhill cigarettes is a refreshing aftertaste with a delicate sweetness, as well as the smell of expensive, original tobacco. The treatment of tobacco leaves is controlled during the production process. The brand is stable in many respects – the use of high-quality raw materials, the absence of artificial components and so on. Also, the packaging attracts the attention of many smokers – fashionable style and elegance are clearly expressed.