Marlboro cigarettes are equipped only with a double built-in plastic filter Recessed Filter, short made of acetate fibers, or with additional filling of carbon chips, or with a high density cardboard mouthpiece. Tar content – 6 mg, nicotine – 0.5 mg, CO – 7 mg. The design solution of the variety is quite recognizable: a white filter perforated with applied gilded stripes. The name of the variety and the brand badge are applied to the cigarette.

Inside is American tobacco with thin cuts, diluted with white fractions of “reconstituted tobacco”. The tobacco aroma is clearly felt, but less pronounced than in the classic varieties. The taste qualities are brighter and tastier, Marlboro cigarettes seem strong, even though it has a perforation on the filter.

Using the slogan “Don’t Be a Maybe. Be Marlboro”, the Marlboro cigarettes brand is trying to attract attention by accompanying the action with photos of beautiful faces, active, athletic, in love and having fun at parties. A lot of tobacco varieties are mixed in a brand bag, up to 20 varieties. It is laid only by professionals, with the skills of a taster. This is the peculiarity of Marlboro cigarettes.

The highest quality tobacco has always been used in the production of Marlboro cigarettes. New technologies for the use of different additives are constantly being used to create different types. The very first novelty is considered to be the use of the so-called “ammonia technology”. This technology allowed the company to get its own unique taste, increase the duration of burning and the power of addiction to these cigarettes.

Tobacco began to add different flavoring additives. Back in 1966, the company released “Marlboro Menthol”. Time it really was a unique novelty. Another novelty of Marlboro is the developed pack. The Marlboro developers have proposed a hinged lid. This made it possible to improve the convenience of continuous use of the pack. There was increased the effect of involuntary advertising. It was possible to get a cigarette only by pulling out a pack for all to see.

According to the marketing department, the number of types of Marlboro cigarettes produced in all countries is about 30 unique flavors. They satisfy the requirements of the widest range of hobbyists.