As the leading brand of the JTI Group (JTI stands for Japan Tobacco International), Winston cigarettes have been standing for unmistakable smoking pleasure since the 1950s. The first major successes were celebrated especially in the late 1960s, when Winston cigarettes were able to rise to the best-selling cigarette brand in the entire USA – so it was soon clear that this success was also to be continued on an international level. Today, Winston cigarettes are sold in 130 countries and of course still plays in the top league of tobacco products when it comes to quality and success. One of the brand’s motto is certainly unforgettable, and to a certain extent apt: Winston cigarettes taste good like a cigarette should.

In fact, today JTI offers several different varieties and variants of their famous brand. Every smoker has the opportunity to discover his or her very specific favorite product within the range of Winston cigarettes. While there is also some leeway in terms of cigarette and pack sizes (from normal boxes of 20 cigarettes to the crazy mega packs containing 55 cigarettes to normal or 100-length variants), you have to choose between the three The main varieties of Winston cigarettes differ – Winston Black, Winston Red and Winston Blue.

How strong are Winston cigarettes? Depending on which variant you choose; Of course, the Winston cigarettes also offer different strengths for every taste. How do Winston cigarettes taste? The branded Winston cigarettes are generally aimed at smokers with a preference for an intense and aromatic-spicy taste. In particular, the red variant comes with an interesting expressiveness that is rarely found otherwise – and with other brands.

Where are Winston cigarettes produced? Winston cigarettes for the market have been manufactured since 1963. The JTI, which produced around 35.1 billion cigarettes in 2016; but of course also produces other brands here – such as the equally successful Camel and American Spirit.

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