Recently, cigarettes with a button have been gaining increasing popularity, but not even all experienced smokers will be able to answer the question: “What is it?”, buying cheap cigarettes in Australia. In appearance, they are no different from ordinary ones, except that the filter shows a button. Here is placed a capsule with flavoring. You need to press the button (until the click), it will burst, and the liquid that is contained in the “ball” will soak the cigarette.

Activate the “flavor mode” is recommended not immediately, but at least in the middle of the process. Thus, after smoking ordinary tobacco, you can enjoy your favorite aroma, buying cheap cigarettes in Australia. By the way, the choice of them is huge: classic menthol, fruits, berries and even chocolate. If you press the button at the very beginning, the aroma will exhale, and at the end there will be nothing left of it.

Like any novelty, capsule cigarettes were very expensive. But our online shop sells cheap cigarettes in Australia, including these ones. BOND Premium Mix

One of the most popular brands of cigarettes. They have an acceptable price, and the quality of tobacco is quite good. Manufacturers could not but react to the novelties in the tobacco world and created “BOND Premium Mix”. There are several flavors at the choice of the buyer: strawberry, apple, menthol with fruits. Cigarettes of medium strength, the highlight is a pleasant aroma. They do not cause tickling in the throat and, importantly, after smoking, an obsessive tobacco smell is not felt.

Rothmans Demi Click. Smokers with experience distinguish “Rothmans” among other cigarettes. They claim that the tobacco of this manufacturer has a special flavor. And recently, the company pleased its customers with an extensive line of button cigarettes. In this case, the function of the capsule is not to drown out the astringency of tobacco, but to shade it. An excellent combination for those who love to experiment.

The most popular are “Rothmans Demi Click”. Bright refreshing notes of lime, classic tobacco, a new generation filter are the main reasons why they choose this particular type of “Rothmans”. In addition, the lemon smell is quite universal and not cloying, it will appeal not only to women, but also to men.