At our time, there are hundreds of cigarette manufacturers, among which giant companies with a long history stand out. As you know, the prototype of modern cigarettes was invented by resourceful American Indians, who were the first to start wrapping tobacco in corn leaves, reeds or straw. In the future, such a simple way of smoking tobacco, thanks to Christopher Columbus, spread throughout Europe, and in the 1880s, the first machines for making cigarettes were invented in the United States, which served as an impetus for industrial production and mass distribution of tobacco products that was a push of a business that enables smokers to buy cigarettes online Brisbane wide now.

All modern cigarettes differ not only in size, but also in strength, that is, the content in the composition of nicotine and other substances. Thus, the market includes: 1) strong cigarettes; 2) light cigarettes; 3) ultra-light cigarettes; 4) extra light cigarettes.

It is worth explaining that all varieties of cigarettes are made on the basis of the same type of tobacco, and the strength depends on the number of holes on the filter that provide additional air sucking. The more holes we observe, the lighter the cigarette, as the extra air entering through the holes reduces the concentration of toxic substances. The varieties are used when presenting items to help smokers buy cigarettes online Brisbane wide.

In addition to classic cigarettes, the market presents flavored products (apple, peach, strawberry, etc.), which are very popular among women. A separate group also includes the legendary menthol cigarettes, which contain an additive that gives tobacco products a refreshing taste of menthol that attracts many smokers who buy cigarettes online Brisbane wide.

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