Richmond cigarettes are premium cigarettes. The brand’s products are aimed at connoisseurs of elite tobacco. The company’s products are in demand among gourmets due to their bright taste, a variety of original flavors, and the impeccable quality of raw materials. Richmond cigarettes of the brand are made on the basis of a mixture of dozens of varieties of tobacco. The company receives raw materials from advanced plantations in India, Turkey and South America. The ingredients are combined in balanced proportions. Leaves ripen in oak wood containers.

After three months, the raw materials are transferred to dryers and adjusted to optimal moisture levels. The result of tobacco aging is the formation of smoked, slightly spicy aromatics in the smoky plume of cigarettes. Richmond cigarettes are not bitter, they delight with a pleasant sweetish aftertaste.

Richmond cigarettes are packed in the cases, which are made from reconstituted tobacco leaf. The manufacturer’s phasing out of paper does not cause smokers to experience a repulsive burnt smell. Products are placed in packages with a metal coating. Sealed packs retain the original flavor of tobacco, protect raw materials from drying out.

Richmond cigarettes are completed with innovative filters. The elements carefully screen out plant resins, dangerous particles of carbon monoxide, and a lot of combustion products from the structure. Despite the elite status, brand cigarettes are distributed at a reasonable price. Therefore, tasting of the company’s products is available to the majority of interested smokers.

The line of Richmond cigarettes. The manufacturer offers smoking lovers to evaluate the following cigarette options: Richmond Irish Coffee: the composition is based on selected varieties of tobacco raw materials. Cigarettes give pleasure to the original coffee aromatics. On the palate, subtle notes of Irish whiskey are found.

Richmond Rum & Cherry: cigarettes are made from a mixture of Burley, Cavendish and Red Virginia tobacco. Due to the use of raw materials in a smoky plume, sweetish, smoked and burning trends are revealed. The rich taste is complemented by aromas of cherries and rum.