Clan cigarettes are cigarettes with high quality tobacco. Their yellow pack is able to surprise anyone, because the aroma of prune-flavored cigarettes is not often found. The taste is really interesting, unusual. Clan cigarettes taste soft, have a distinct prune smell, and even seem to be sweetish.

The filter of Clan cigarettes is halfly made from glass wool, halfly filled with charcoal. A polymer spraying is laid on it. The packaging of Clan cigarettes is tight. Tobacco cutting is fine, mixes of different shades, mostly dark. The design of the tutu is excellent. Top-quality Clan cigarettes bring English traditions closer to each consumer. Now you can get acquainted with the classic taste of this product

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What are Clan cigarettes?

What are Clan cigarettes? Clan cigarettes are produced according to the English tradition. The tobacco for Clan cigarettes is made by ancient Scotch receipts and is manually gathered. The inimitable aroma is reached by short-time smoking of tobacco over fire. The received mix is stored about three months before being used for the production of Clan cigarettes. And of course, all the necessary technologies and quality control are observed at the factory. The tobacco leaves for these cigarettes are grown on plantations on five continents, where it has become a national tradition. We will sell you these Clan cigarettes at really excellent prices!