The cigarette market has changed significantly over the past few years. In the meantime, the range of cigarettes and alternatives is quite large. These include so-called women’s cigarettes, although there are many questions as to what actually distinguishes them from others. Women’s cigarettes are extremely popular today and differ from others in design and taste. It is often the case that women find these aspects particularly appealing. That’s why such cigarettes are called that, although men can of course enjoy them without hesitation. The Vogue cigarettes are certainly among the best known of this type and come from France. The design and the mild aroma are pleasant and well tailored to female smokers. If you also want to try and buy these Vogue cigarettes, you’ve come to the right place. In the online tobacco shop we offer you a variety of tobacco products and cigarette brands with the most diverse characteristics.

Buy and enjoy Vogue cigarettes online. Light, feminine and extravagant – that’s what characterizes the Vogue cigarettes. The French cigarette is a classically feminine cigarette with a design to match. You are welcome to buy and try the Vogue cigarettes from us. This is also available in practical economy packs. Our online shop offers the varieties: Voque Lilas, Caracetére Lilas, Bleue, Bleue Claire or Caracetére Bleue. Of course, there are also many other cigarettes that differ significantly from Vogue. These include very strong alternatives or spicy cigarettes with oriental tobacco. There are also menthol cigarettes and those without additives.

What are Vogue cigarettes?

Vogue cigarettes are considered a classic women’s cigarette. It has been shown that women are more attracted to this cigarette due to its design, aroma and taste. This is due to the fine, mild aroma and the well-rounded taste. According to the manufacturer, enjoyment and quality are the focus and are complemented by the beautiful design of the box and the cigarette itself. Many people therefore no longer want to do without the Vogue cigarettes. The brand from France seems to know what women want, which of course doesn’t mean that men can’t do anything with the brand. If you like light and balanced cigarettes, this is basically the right place for you.