dunhill_fine_cut_mentholDunhill cigarettes represent s luxury brand of cigarettes made by British American Tobacco Company. Every Dunhill cigarette belongs to the class of luxury, despite the fact that sometimes they moderately demanded. They are available in the series: Dunhill King Size and Dunhill International. Dunhill International was formerly under the name of Dunhill Red Gold.

The tradition of Dunhill Tobacco House originated in 1907, when Alfred Dunhill founded his shop in Duke Street in the prestigious London district of Saint James.

Tobacco shops offer a wide range of mixtures of different types and sorts of tobacco, as well as cigars of first sort. At the beginning of the XX century in Saint James there began to appear known clubs for real men over the area, where smoking of cigars was a matter of principle of gentlemen.

Among the frequent customers there were representatives of high society of Britain. The first cigarettes, on the packaging of which, there was marked the name Dunhill, appeared in the Dunhill shop in 1912, and in 1965 Dunhill King Size came into the market.

In some countries Dunhill cigarettes became known in 1994. In those years the cigarettes were supplied by Rothmans International Company.

In 1999, British American Tobacco announced a merger with Rothmans International, the brand of Dunhill cigarettes is in possession of the British American Tobacco.

The company, often known as the BAT, has been successfully active in the tobacco industry for over 100 years, and has conducted its business through the years of revolution, war and further social and political events.

Dunhill cigarettes are recognizable, thanks to the aroma of fresh tobacco, coupled with complex taste sensations. With a spicy aroma and a little tone of sweets, they smell like a real tobacco.

The raw and pure tobacco flavor in this brand of cigarettes is an easily identifiable feature. The company picked up its unique variety for each country, which is different in taste, rich aftertaste, filter and packaging.

In the US, the most common versions turned out to be Dunhill international Blue (USA) and Dunhill international Red (USA).

The following versions turned out to be popular in Europe:

Dunhill Light
Dunhill Lights Fine Cut Dark Blue
Dunhill Lights Fine Cut Dark Blue

We should always keep in mind that the perfect balance of taste sensations is a distinctive feature of these cigarettes.